Evening walk on Øya

My grandmother :)

My grandmother is enjoying the sun :)

Spring cleaning

With the beautiful weather we are having now, my dad and I are spring cleaning our cars, both outside and inside:)

Kafèbesøk på Skauvoll:)

My mum and my grandmother:)

Springtime in Trondheim :)

Nesta is enjoying the sunshine :)


Easter oranges :)

Langfredagsfjæra i Storvika

Jeg og mine foreldre dro på langfredagsfjæra i Storvika, i det som viste seg å bli et flott påskevær:)
My parents and I went to walk on the beach in Storvika, in what turned out to be very nice easter weather:)

Art in the sand

My mum and Kobben in the background

After the walk it was nice to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee, and some snacks:)


Nyholmen Skandse

 It finally stopped raining long enough that my parents and I were able to go for a post-cake walk out to Nyholmen Skandse. All though it was VERY windy, it was a nice walk :)

My dad

My new rain boots :)

My mum

Bodø harbour

Almost a bit of sunshine :)

I look very puffed up in my rain jacket, but as I said it was very very windy out today :)

Birthday celebration

I had a few guests over for coffee and cake for my birthday :)